Ni3 yuan4 yi4....? Is this simply a polite way of asking Ni3 yao4?
Dec 4, 2016 10:04 AM
Answers · 1
I would say no. Ni3 yao4 你要 means "you want", and can be followed by a verb or a noun: 你要咖啡嗎?Do you want some coffee? 你要看一下嗎?Do you want to have a look? It is used to express a volition or a wish. Ni3 yuan4 yi4 你願意 means "you are willing to", and can only be followed by a verb: 你願意看一下嗎?Are you willing to have a look? But 你願意咖啡嗎? does not make sense You can also see the nuance in the example above between 你要看一下嗎? and 你願意看一下嗎?
December 4, 2016
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