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‘平凡’ 和 ‘普通’ 有什么区别? 我的字典上说都是 ‘ordinary’的意思,但是我刚刚听到了有人说 “我很普通,很平凡”,还有看到了这些歌词 ‘你想要的很很很简单,不过就是最普通的的的平凡’ 所以我认为这两字有一点不同。
Dec 5, 2016 10:16 AM
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平凡的反义词是伟大 普通的反义词是特别
December 5, 2016
December 5, 2016
普通 = ordinary 平凡 = without extraordinary powers; blah. The subtle difference is almost like being "ordinary" vs "normal".
December 6, 2016
Ahthough It's not difficult at all for native Chinese speakers: when to use 普通 and when 平凡, it may be a big headache for CSL learners. When it comes to the subtle differences in meaning and use, I'd say, roughly: 1. 普通is more commonly used and 平凡 is more literary. 2. 普通is neutral and 平凡is often used with an approving tone. 3. PAINFUL COMPLICATION, THE COLLOCATION AND THE CONTEXT: for example: 我只是个普通人 ✔ 我只是个普通的人(formal or literary, unnatural in daily language) 我只是个平凡人(?,at least feeling unnatural), 我只是个平凡的人 ✔ (literary) 。。。。。。 The best and most efficient, reliable way to figer it out is YOU FIND IT ON YOURSELF: SEARCH IN CORPRA for Chinese language AND FIND AS MORE AS POSSIBLE USAGES of 普通and 平凡. Read and compare and you'll gradually make out what the underlying meaning-diffences ever are. ( corpara for Chinese language are fewer and poorer presently than english ones, but you can use them in Chinese learning, still.) Enormous actual usages: this is the way how everyone learns his/ native language and why a foreign learner, if not immersed in it for a long time, can hardly speak it as good as a native.
December 5, 2016
“普通”和“平凡”在意思上差不多,但是在用法和搭配上有些不同。“普通”可以说人,也可以说东西。比如“我父母都是普通人。”,在这儿“普通”有一般、不特别的意思。“普通”还可以说东西,比如“他开的车很普通”。 而“平凡”可以说”平凡的工作“,”平凡的人“,换用”普通”也可以。 但是在下面这个句子”他是我的普通朋友,不是男朋友“中,普通不能换成平凡,因为这里普通有不特殊的意思。
December 5, 2016
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