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What does "primary" mean in this paragraph? i'm translating a book about how to date with a women because of the request of a male customer (sorry because this topic can offend you). But the book has a confusing texts: "All real men are dominant as dominance is a requisite for confidence, which is the primary expression of masculinity. But dominance is not an intrinsic individual quality. It only exists in relation to other people, and it becomes apparent through how one interacts with others via observation of who leads, who follows, who acts, and who reacts the most" " You do not have to become a doctor or a woman’s best friend to get girls. Neither do you have to spend any money on them. You do have to spend your resources on a woman you want, but the primary resource you should spend should be your time (with her)a resource she will appreciate the most if she likes you " What does "primary" mean in this paragraph? Does it mean " main/most important", right? and what does "intrinsic individual quality" mean? Thank you!
Dec 8, 2016 9:40 AM
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You are right about the meaning of primary. Here their use of "intrinsic individual quality" is explained in the following sentence. " It only exists in relation to other people" This property, dominance, is only known with others. If you are alone, you cannot dominate anything.It is not a property of a one, but of one in a group.
December 8, 2016
Might be easier to just suggest the friend ask a girl or two to help?
December 8, 2016
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