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Is there a difference in Arabic? 1) between "book" (regular) and "book" / "exercise book" (where students make notes) ? 2) between "bag" (regular) and "bag" / "rucksack" / "backpack" (that you were on your back, obviously) ? Thanks!
Dec 10, 2016 12:15 PM
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1- Regular "book" is just "كتاب" / "Exercise book" is called دفتر" التمارين", so there's a big difference between the two in Arabic. 2- The difference between "Bag" and "rucksack" / "backpack" in Arabic is practically the same as in English. "Bag" حقيبة (or "كيس" depending on the context) / "backpack" حقيبة الظهر. So when it refers to a specific type of bags, it becomes a compound word (like: handbag = حقيبة اليد, shopping bag = كيس التسوق NOTحقيبة التسوق). I hope that helps.
December 10, 2016
Arabic is very simple language, we have names for every thing ( simple and predicted name usually ), but you can use the main form for almost all of them. For example, هذا كِتَابٌ وهذه كُتُبٌ it is rare to hear كِتَابُ الطَّالِبِ \ كِتَابُ التَّمَارِينِ \ كِتَابُ المُعَلِّم all of them are just a book كتاب. On the same way, حَقِيبَةٌ\ حَقَائِب in stander Arabic and شنطة\ شنط in Egyptian Arabic. حقيبة ظَهر \ حقيبة تَسوّق \ حقيبة سَفَرَ also can be used but you can only say حقيبة . It is that simple. Good luck and keep learning.
December 10, 2016
Hi Anna , Yes ,of course there is a diffrence and the translation is direct . Have a nice day . Mohamed.
December 10, 2016
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