arrange 加油站/饭店 / 左边/ 有/ 一个 do you put direction in front or after a noun 到/来 /了/时间/你/马上/吗 我/去/书店/要,怎么/走
Dec 11, 2016 5:18 AM
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I'm kind of confused of your question. Can you reclarify your question? btw what does the topic "arrange" indicate?
December 11, 2016
it is easy to add a "of" to clarify. "the left of the restaurant"=饭店(的)左边。of=的 is optional. Unlike English, we change the order of the elements in front of and behind "of". In short, "A of B" should be translated as “B的A”。 “的” is optional sometimes, such as when talking about direction. 1. 加油站左边有一个饭店。 or 饭店左边有 一个加油站。 2. 时间马上到了,你来(了)吗?(if there is 了in the second clause, that means "Are you arriving soon?"; if there is no 了, that means "Are you going to join us? (the person hasn't make a decision whether to come or not)") 3. (我)去书店要怎么走?
December 17, 2016
加油站左边有一个饭店or饭店左边有一个加油站。 马上到时间了,你来了吗? 我要去书店,怎么走?
December 14, 2016
Put the direction after a noun, For example : 加油站左边, 饭店左边。
December 12, 2016
1 饭店左边有一个加油站 2 时间马上到了,你来了吗? 3 我去书店要怎么走?
December 11, 2016
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