I clearly don't understand something I don't understand so many things. I keep seeing, for example, Germans using the words "der" or "die" as "he", "she", or "it", or as "that". I thought the neuter article "das" is used as "that". I am so confused, and stressed out. A lot of the words I thought I knew the meaning of don't make any sense to me when used in sentences! I am at a point where I only know the nominative and accusative cases, so it could be I will probably learn it, but I am not sure. Please help me!
Dec 11, 2016 5:15 PM
Answers · 5
der Mann - er die Frau - sie das Kind - es die Leute - sie Das ist nicht richtig. - That's not right. In colloquial speech, people like to use der/die to refer to people, especially when we're annoyed by a person. For instance: Was will DER denn schon wieder? (What does HE /THAT man want again?) Was macht DIE denn hier? (What's SHE/THAT woman doing here?)
December 11, 2016
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