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A balance among nature life and medical support -- part 1 Does this paragraph make sense? if not, could you please correct me? Thank you for your patience. Human sometimes thinks that we are the greatest species on the earth. But if I am like a general animal or flower? it dies naturally when time comes. While Senate is repealing Obamacare this moment, in Taiwan, we have a best national health coverage and medical resource in the world as CNN says. I don't think it is totally a right thing. In contrast, this makes me think of a balance between medical resource and life issue. Original meaning in Mandarin. 人類有時候覺得我們是地球上最偉大的物種,但是如果我只是像一隻動物或一朵花一樣呢?當時間到時,它凋謝的很自然。在這個時候,美國議會廢除Obamacare方案,在台灣,我們有在這世界上最好的國家健康醫療和資源。我不覺得這是件完全好的事,但相反的這讓我想到平衡二者之間的醫療資源和生命的議題,如同 CNN說過。 CNN says:
Jan 14, 2017 7:04 AM
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Your meaning is ok but there are some slightly weird sentences. This is how I would translate the mandarin: 人類有時候覺得我們是地球上最偉大的物種,但是如果我只是像一隻動物或一朵花一樣呢?當時間到時,它凋謝的很自然。在這個時候,美國議會廢除Obamacare方案,在台灣,我們有在這世界上最好的國家健康醫療和資源。我不覺得這是件完全好的事,但相反的這讓我想到平衡二者之間的醫療資源和生命的議題,如同 CNN說過。 People sometimes think that we are the greatest species on the planet. But what if I were just like an animal or a flower? ("what if" is like "呢", it's quite a strong question). When the time comes they naturally die (animal and flower together makes a plural). Now, the American congress is abolishing Obamacare, and in Taiwan we have the best national healthcare and (medical) resources. I do not think this is a completely positive thing. Actually, it makes me think about a balance between the two issues of healthcare and life. (I don't fully understand your Chinese here.) When you say "生命” do you mean like the contrast between "动物和植物“ and "人类“?
January 14, 2017
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