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What is the commonly used prepositional phrase? When you make some Daily conversations,family meetings,office talks and so on,and what prepositions phrase do you use?Thanks for your sharing.
Nov 1, 2017 2:39 PM
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It is hard to make a list. There are hundreds of them. They are part of the language and we use them unconsciously. English learners are taught about "phrasal verbs." These are short phrases consisting of a verb and one or two other words, that "go together." Native English speakers are not taught "phrasal verbs," we learn them intuitively at an early age. "I'll put the report on your desk." "It's time to throw out this old magazine." "OK, I'll put it in the recycle bin." "I see that there is snow on the mountain." "Yes, there is a tree line, with trees below it and snow above it." "Is an asteroid going to crash into the earth?" "I'm more worried that a tree will fall onto my house."
November 1, 2017
Thanks for your example,and I wish the content of your example will be came true :-)
November 2, 2017
Lo mismo. How are you? How's the family? Did you hear about? However, hopefulamente you hear... "You are being promoted" "We are giving away vacations to our most appreciated employees and feel free to bring a couple of friends and oh, by the way, take this company "no limit" black card and enjoy yourself." "Sweetheart, I would like to take you and your friends to lunch and here are some concert tickets I bought for you girls tonight, enjoy" "We just won the lottery!!"
November 2, 2017
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