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How do you order?
Nov 19, 2017 6:58 PM
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In Korea, customers (손님) call waiters (종업원) by calling them or pressing a button for it. Customer: 실례합니다/여기요. (Excuse me/Here) (or just pressing the calling button) Waiter: 네. 주문하시겠습니까? (Okey. May I take your order?) Customer: 치즈 추가한 A 스파게티랑 콜라 한 잔요. (Spaghetti A with cheese and a cup of cola.) Waiter: 네. A 스파게티에 치즈 추가, 그리고 콜라 한 잔 주문받았습니다. 다른 필요한 거 없으신가요? (Okey. Spaghetti A with cheese and a cup of cola, I get your order. Anything else?) Customer: 네. 충분해요. (No, it's all.) Waiter: 감사합니다. 15분 정도 걸립니다. 다른 주문하실 거 있으시면 언제든 불러 주세요. (Thank you. It takes about 15 minutes. If you have something else to order, call us.) Koreans casually just say "(menu name)요." If you want to order two or more, then just "(menu name)이랑 (menu name)요." If you want to say more formally, you can use "(menu name) 부탁드립니다." Hope it helps. :)
November 19, 2017
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