How do you say "...with a cosmic breath."? Hi! I'm still trying to learn the grammar, vocabulary and the conjunctions by translating what I read in English but cannot for the life of me figure out how to translate "You are the [noun] made of [verb] with a cosmic breath." Your help is very much appreciated! Thank you (:
Nov 22, 2017 5:09 PM
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"...with a cosmic breath." * cosmic = 우주(cosmos, universe)의. 하늘의 (of the heavens). * breath = 숨(more commonplace) or 숨결(more poetic). 우주/하늘의 숨결/기운 is sometimes called 천기(天機). So you can say something like 우주의 숨결로/숨결 안에서, 우주의 숨결을 받아(receiving cosmic breath), or 천기에 의해, 천기를 받아(with the secret cosmic force). For example, "You are the child made of flowers with a cosmic breath." - 너는 우주의 숨결로 꽃에서 만들어진 아이야. (close to the original) - 너는 하늘의 숨결[뜻]을 받아 꽃에서 생겨난 아이야. (뜻 = intentions) - 너는 천기를 받아 꽃으로부터 태어난 아이야. (common Korean style)
November 22, 2017
I find it hard to imagine how a verb would fit in there. And it will probably not be considered a verb in Korean grammar, but a noun form of a verb (~기 or ~는 것). Hmmm...
November 22, 2017
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