Heed it for the most Hi! In this sentence: "His advice was: You should resist the temptation to announce your goal. delay the gratification that the social acknowledgement brings, and understand that your mind mistakes the talking for the doing. Now as a general principle, I totally agree with this, and I think that we should heed it for the most." What does "heed it for the most" mean? And what does "identity" here mean? "If you're gonna get one and tell them your goal, you should make sure it's somebody who will actually keep you accountable. Also, it helps to frame your goal in terms of the work you need to put in rather than the identity that you want to assume" Thanks!
Nov 24, 2017 9:04 AM
Answers · 1
Hello, to heed means to pay attention to (or follow) advice. Example: Heed my advice! For the most = mostly. Put together = we should mostly listen to this advice. The identity you want to assume = the person you would like to be....but you aren't. When you set your goal, you might set one that is too difficult/ stressful/ long-term for you. A friend who knows you can help you keep it realistic. That way, your goal will be achievable for the person you are today....not the person you want to become.
November 24, 2017
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