Photo, pic, picture, image... Are them the same?
Aug 6, 2018 6:47 PM
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Yes, I think they are quite similar. I can add for you: sketch, illustration, icon, draft, copy...:))) cheers!
August 6, 2018
Pic=shorthand for picture that has become popular in the mobile phone era. Typically refers to casual exchange of smartphone "pics." For example: "Hey, send me the pics from your trip to Montreal." Photo=could be of an artistic nature, or it simply could be taken with an "old school" camera. If you took it with a Kodak or Canon, it is a photo; rarely will people refer to it as a "pic." Also, if it is something you have developed, it is more typically called a photo. Picture=can also refer to paintings (though art snobs will not appreciate it). Image=could actually be something that is created using a different medium, including a hologram or a backlit figure. For example, the Bat signal over Gotham is an image; it is not a picture, photo or pic.
August 6, 2018
They are similar. The meanings overlap. I'm going to describe the main meanings. "Pic" is informal and short for "picture." (Similarly, "photo" is short for "photograph.") "Picture" can mean a drawing, a photograph, or anything that looks like ("depicts") something real. "The child's book is full of pictures." "A picture hung on the wall--a copy of one of Diego Rivera's frescoes." "Image" suggests something that is absolutely precise, realistic, and possibly produced by an optical system rather than an artist's hand. The lens of the eye forms an image on the retina; the lens of a camera forms an image on the film. The image may not be permanent. "This camera lens produces a sharp image." In computer graphics, "image" suggests a file format consisting of millions of pixels, mapping an image point by point--as contrasted with "vector graphics." Before digital imaging, the word "photograph," from roots meaning "write" and "light," always meant a permanent image on a piece of film, or printed onto photographic paper. Thus it was a highly detailed, literal image of a real scene. (For decades, artists and photographers argued about whether photography could be an art form). Nowadays, we still call images, taken with digital cameras, and printed on pieces of paper, "photographs." In the late 1800s, the technology known as "cinema," "movies," "motion pictures," or "moving pictures" was developed. These were "pictures" that "moved," so it became necessary to distinguish "still pictures" from "moving pictures." However, when it is clear from context, "moving pictures" can be called simply "pictures." A movie theater can be "a picture show." The movie industry can be "the pictures."
August 6, 2018
They are all very similar and in many cases can be swapped, but not always. Photo is short for photograph and should not be used for images that are drawn. Pic is short for picture and can be used in all of the same scenarios as long as it isn't something official documents because pic is slang rather than official english. Image is static so it can't refer to moving images like picture which originally refers to movies. Also image refers to mental pictures so it doesn't necessarily have to be a physical item.
August 6, 2018
piIncludes drawing, photography and painting Includes photography, paintings, sculptures, holograms and imagination Taken by a camera
August 6, 2018
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