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It's a must + ing?? Could this be correct? It's a must going to this theatre in town . Or Going to the theatre is a must Rent a motorbike or hire a motorbike?? With a motorbike they could visit the nearby cities that it would be impossible with a bike Do these make sense? Thank you
7 de ago de 2018 13:04
Answers · 2
Hi, I will give you a partial answer. "Hire"or "Rent" may be correct, depending on the situation. A motorbike would not be a good example though, so let's switch it for something like a truck. 01. "Rent a truck" means you are renting the vehicle, and you will probably do the job yourself; 02. "Hire a truck" means you are paying for a custom job. It sounds good, even though you are actually hiring the truck driver and his truck, not the truck itself. I hope this will help.
7 de Agosto de 2018
rent is for objects,hire is for people.Also the second sentence is correct
7 de Agosto de 2018
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