Jay Kim
"I am vs I'm" and "Let us vs Let's" for business email Hi all, I have a question about business email. I know that using contractions is not good for business email, so I always write emails like this. - We will have a meeting. (Not we'll) - I cannot send this within today. (Not I can't) - I do not want to use this material. (Not I don't) However, I'm not sure I can also write like this. - I am sharing the file as the attached. (Not I'm) - Let us use this material. (Not Let's use this material.) Please advise if you are native English speakers. Thank you so much.
Aug 9, 2018 3:31 PM
Answers · 4
Hi Jay, I would say it depends on your workplace environment. If you are friendly and close with your boss and/or coworkers, it is okay to sometimes use contractions (but better to avoid them if you're unsure). For the two sentences that you wrote, I'd suggest the following: "I am sharing the file as the attached." -> "I have attached the file." OR "I have attached the file as requested." OR "The file is attached." "Let us use this material." -> "Let's use this material." OR "Let's move forward with using this material." If you're the boss and will not be a direct part of the project using the material, you can write, "Please use this material." OR "Please move forward with using this material." In my experience as a native speaker, it's very rare for native speakers to use "Let us" except in extremely formal situations. It's better to use "Let's" here. It doesn't sound unprofessional; it sounds confident and inclusive of the team. That being said, you can always rephrase the sentence so you avoid using the contraction or phrase altogether. 혹시 궁금하신 게 따로 있으시면 물어보세요!
August 9, 2018
I would like to answer you that both expressions are correct. I am or i'm both are correct ,these formations are belongs to modern English and grammatically correct.
August 9, 2018
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