What exactly the meaning of "ЖЕ" ? Привет всем! I wanna ask about this particle "же". I've found this word in many sentences, but I dont know what is the meaning and how do we use it and when do we use it?
Aug 11, 2018 3:35 PM
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Risma, mostly it means that you are referring to something "known" or "obvious". Sometimes it can mean "after all". — Ты говоришь по-индонезийски? — Конечно! Я же из Джакарты. Actually, this can be said even when I don't knwo that you are from Indonesia (though this way it woul be a bit playful). But here it refers to _obviousness_ of logical connection: "from Jakarta" -> "speaks Indonesian". — Пошли завтра в кино? — Как это?! Ты же живёшь в Джакарте. — Да, но со вчерашнего дня я в России. Here it refers to (1) the fact that it is _previously known_ that you live in Jakarta (2) obviuousness of the contradiction. — Мне надо писать курсовую. — Зачем? Ты же уже вчера её сдала... the same You also can find "же" in "тоже" and "то же". Мьянма — это то же, что Бирма. Myanmar is the same as Burma "то" here works as "the" and "же" gives meaning of "sameness". Accordingly "тоже" (too), written wihtout a space - it comes from "то же", in the sense "the same [imformation]". Маша из Москвы. Я тоже из Москвы. Masha is from Moscow. I'm from Moscow too (the same thing about me). There are MANY more ways to use the word.
August 11, 2018
hello, it's hard to explain but maybe it's possible to say that it just emphasises the verb to make your sentence more emotional. Like Ты ЖЕ знаешь это! in English can be like You DO know it!
August 11, 2018
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