What is the difference between ساخن/ دافيء/ حار ?
Aug 12, 2018 9:54 AM
Answers · 7
those some useful examples: دافئ is the kind of warm that protect us from cold, like in winter when you cover yourself, or eat a soup things that are دافئ make us feel good and have positive feeling شربة دافئة حضن دافئ صدر دافئ الدفئ و الحنان (to describe tenderness ) and we say: ماء ساخن طعام ساخن (to describe food or some thing, it just means hot) and : جوّ حارّ (to describe weather ) (also حارّ for the word "high temperature" in general: like body temperature)
August 12, 2018
The meaning of دافئ is warm while ساخن and حار has the wame meaning wich it (hot) ماء حار ماء ساخن Hot water ماء دافئ Warm water Best Regards
August 12, 2018
حار it goes with spicy food and hot weather دافئ means warm ,cozy atmosphere or weather or house and so on ساخنgoes for drinks and also food
August 13, 2018
بامكاني ان اجيب من فهمي السطحي للمفردات لكن اظن ان الفرق له تفاصيل يطول شرحها.
August 12, 2018
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