Difference between "often" and "frequently" Hi community! Can you explain me difference between "often" and "frequently"?
Aug 14, 2018 7:36 PM
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These two words are very similar! There is a slight nuance in use, however. :) If you are talking about something that happens more to a schedule, you would use frequently. If you are talking about something that happens in an unscheduled manner you would use often. "Classes on the subject occur frequently throughout the year." "I often wonder about the meaning of life. " I hope this is helpful. :)
August 14, 2018
There are probably variations between English-speaking countries. For Canada, "frequently" is stronger than "often." - We always go to restaurant X on Saturdays. - We almost always go to restaurant X on Saturdays. - We frequently go ... - We often go ... - We sometimes go ... - We almost never go ... - We never go ...
August 15, 2018
Here are some things to consider - According to one Thesaurus, the word "frequently" means "as a rule" implying something done by habit and choice. You could describe a person who often comes to the same store as a frequent customer. The word "often" means "many times" implying repetition but not necessarily thought. You could say, "It often rains in during the month of March". I hope this helps
August 14, 2018
Hey Matvey, how are you? I hope you're doing just fine! I shall provide you with an explanation of the usage of these words. I should say that I don't believe that there is quite a difference between them: only a ''slight one''. So, you must know this: * ''Often'' and ''Frequently'' are used interchangeably in most cases, but ''often'' implies numerous repetitions, like: ''We often go there''; whereas ''frequently'' suggests repetition at comparatively short intervals, for example: ''It happens frequently.'' Here are some more examples for you: 1) ''I was often hungry'' 2) ''They had often been arguing with each other'' 3) ''Iron supplements are frequently given to pregnant women'' 4) ''I frequently drop by my grandma's house to make her a visit'' 5) ''My brother often gets into trouble when I'm not around'' Hope that helps!
August 14, 2018
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