这些词之间有什么区别? 路/街 感/感觉 离开/留下 奔跑/跑 口/嘴巴 面/边 维持/保存
Aug 14, 2018 7:51 PM
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路/街 1.专用名词,表示路或街的名称。比如,在上海,多以什么什么路来命名街道的名称(如:南京西路,中山南二路,吴中路等);而在北京多为什么什么街(如:安定门外大街,长安街,南池子大街等) 2.常用名词:道路,小路,马路。 大街,大街小巷 。等 感/感觉 感,心里的一种情绪。具体的词意要看组词。如:情感,感觉,感谢,感叹,感知,敏感,等。 感觉,是一种内心的感受,可以是生理上的,也可以是心理上的。如:我感觉已经累得不行了。 他给我一种很温暖的感觉。 离开/留下 离开和留下是一对反义的词。如,他离开我了。 他留下了一封信。 奔跑/跑 奔跑是指很快的跑。在使用的时候,奔跑一般用于写作。跑一般用于口语。 口/嘴巴 口和嘴巴在定义上是一样的。组成词组后意义不同。如:口语,费口舌,咽口水等。 面/边 面/边都是表示界限或方位意义的,具体意思要看词组。 维持/保存 维持:继续保持某种状态。 强调继续的状态。 保存:使事物等继续存在,不受损失或不发生变化。
August 15, 2018
路=Roads/街=streets. 感=Sensation of something could be anything./感觉=Feeling of something. Feels 离开=Leave/留下=Stay 奔跑(running at a very fast speed /跑=Run(You can tell that someone or something is moving at a faster than walking or normal speed,but you can tell that person or thing is NOT moving at a very fast speed. 口= Referring to an opening space that could let something in or out and it could be anything/嘴巴= it only refers to mouth of animals, nothing else. 面= The surface of something/边=The edge of something 维持= To keep or maintain something in order to keep the same size or amount for a long period time/保存= To save or store something in a specific space, so that you will be able to use that thing in the future.
August 15, 2018
以前可能两边有人类居住或活动的建筑物的,就是街,两边比较空旷的并且以运输为主的就是路。但现在中文里这个区别已经不明显了。 奔跑经常用于书面语,跑在书面语和口语中都比较常见 面和边的区别还是比较明显,在英文里有多种意思可以对应比如aspect, side, area.边的意思比如edge
August 15, 2018
路/街: roads often larger than streets 感/感觉:感 is hardly used by its own in modern Chinese, though it is not uncommon in ancient Chinese. You should attach other verbs to express the precise meaning. 感染/ran3/ being infected 感谢 to thank 感动/dong4/ to move/touch. Similarly, 感觉 is an extension from 感, 觉 strengthens the meaning of to feel。 离开/留下: anonyms 奔跑/跑:跑 like 感 mentioned above, 奔 strengthens the image of running. 口/嘴巴:Chinese is pictographic. What at the core of 口 is a hole. So you can use other terms to emphasize the image of things that looks like a hole. 港(/gang3/: harbor) 口 is a hole framed by geography;洞(/dong4/: hole) 口 is the entry of a hole;入(/ru4/: to enter) 口 is an entry. On the contrary, 嘴巴 only refers to the hole on your face. 面/边:You can check here. 维持/保存:维持=保持, because 持 gives a specific meaning. But 存 carries the meaning of to store sth, 保存 now not only keep sth in the current state, but save it for a long time, leading the meaning of to preserve.
August 15, 2018
街给我的感觉是人比较多,比较杂,周边商铺比较多,多用于步行。如商业街 路是笔直、宽敞、平坦的,如水泥路、马路、高速公路
August 14, 2018
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