What does the first sentence mean? And what does mighty oak mean? Pat told me how God made you rich in character. You’re the mighty oak that hold the household together.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 15, 2018 4:49 PM
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Hey Hamid, ''Pat told me how God made you rich in character. You’re the mighty oak that holds the household together.'' 1) You may think that the expression ''in character'' can only have the meaning of ''consistent with the traits or characteristics assigned to the character that one plays'', as in ''Dad is just in character - he is pretending to be a bad man for his movie!''. HOWEVER, in the sentence ''Pat told me how God made you rich in character'', the expression 'in character' is used to convey another different meaning, which is 'typical of one's behaviour' / 'consistent with someone's general personality or behaviour.' For example: - ''Her failure to answer the invitation was completely in character.'' - ''For him to shout that way wasn't at all in character. He's usually quite pleasant.'' So, it means that the person has such a strong personality (maybe they are ''selfish'' or ''demanding'' or even ''extremely polite'') that their wealthiness befits them quite perfectly. * [This usage dates from the mid-1700s, as does the antonym, 'out of character', as in ''It was out of character for him to refuse the assignment''.] 2) ''Mighty oak'': Firstly you should know that if you break down this expression, you shall have 'mighty' which means 'powerful/strong', and 'oak', which refers to 'any of numerous trees that bear acorns and often have leaves that are irregularly notched or lobed'. HOWEVER, in this case, the expression 'mighty oak' is being used figuratively to convey the idea that 'you are the pillar/power/strength that keeps your family together.' Hope that helps!!!
August 15, 2018
An "oak" or an "oak tree" is a kind of tree. The scientific name for the genus is "Quercus." "Mighty" is a dignified word meaning "very strong." Oak is a "hardwood tree." It is common in the forests of North America and Europe. It is famous for having very tough, durable, strong wood. In the British navy in the age of sail, ships were made of oak, one of the strongest and best kinds of wood for shipbuilding. So, oak was a symbol of grandeur and strength. The seeds of the oak are called "acorns," and a common saying in English-speaking countries is "great oaks from little acorns grow;" again, oak symbolizes grandeur and strength. "You’re the mighty oak that holds the household together" is a very high compliment.
August 15, 2018
mighty oak is a symbol of strength and endurance. You are the strength that holds your family together.
August 15, 2018
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