Jackpot What does jackpot mean? I couldn't make it out with the help of dictionaries. Get 'em good. It's all right if they spill out. I'm gonna gather up the jackpots for refreshers, and guts is guts. Push it in nice and deep. ___ Thanks
Aug 15, 2018 9:01 PM
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I have no idea of the meaning of the quote you provided. However, the word 'jackpot' refers to an accumulation of money won as a prize in a game of chance, such as a lottery or card game.
August 15, 2018
the jackpot is something you win. Usually money. People also say this if you have had some good luck. For example, you get a job that is good and well paid, your friend might say - you've won the jackpot'. Not sure why it is called that.
August 15, 2018
Hi, 'jackpot' is a noun and it means the top cash prize... often the jackpot is made when a lottery prize is not won, and carries over to the next lottery, where it combines into an unusually big prize, the 'jackpot'. It can also mean (more conversationally) an unexpected reward or lucky earnings. From the script you wrote, it seems it might have been used here to refer to the 'spoils' (or earnings) from an action. I have to mention that the language used in your example is very heavy in slang and I can't really follow its meaning - the character who spoke the words is not speaking English in a mainstream way! I hope this helps
August 15, 2018
Those lyrics don't make sense to me, but hey, I'm old lol. But, a jackpot is what you win when you gamble. So, if you were at a slot machine at a casino and you win the big prize and the bells start ringing and money is pouring out of the machine - you just won the jackpot. So, it's also an idiom for when you win a prize or you get something great. You could say, "Wow, he really won the jackpot when she agreed to marry him." When, they talk about gathering up the jackpot, they mean grabbing all of the money you won. Like all of the money that poured out of the slot machine, or taking all of the money you won off of the table if you were gambling with cards - you would gather up your winnings, or gather up the jackpot. Another term would be to "rake in" your winnings. Like in roulette, where the casino worker uses the little rake to grab the chips with.
August 16, 2018
August 15, 2018
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