Jason 江森
can someone please tell me what does 中 mean in this sentence can someone please tell me what does 中 mean in this sentence. I know it means middle but i don't understand why it's there. Can i omit this word? 我 在 做 这个 项目 的 过程 中 积累 了 很多 经验 Thanks Jason
Aug 19, 2018 4:32 PM
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1在湖中央有一艘小船! 中means in the middle of 2在这三个人中有一个是女孩 中means between . 3在学习英语的过程中我还了解了英国的文化! 中means in the process 例如您说的,我在做这个项目的过程中积累了很多经验。"中"表示积累"经验"是在项目的开始和结束的中间这个过程。 4我对这件事保持中立态度! 中means moderate, neither on one side or the other. 5你真是不中用。 中means no use. You're good for nothing. 7我的英语是中等水平! 中means medium. There're some other meanings of the word 中。 Hope my answer helps.Thanks!
August 19, 2018
你好,江森! In this question, 中 is a "postposition." We'd call it a preposition, but since it shows up after the noun that it applies to, 过程 (process), it's technically a postposition. It means "middle" or "middle of." In English, we can omit "middle" when we say "in the process of" because "middle" is implied already. While we technically can omit 中 in Chinese too, it sounds far more natural to include it. From my experience, the only time native speakers don't include the 中 after 过程 is when 过程 implies an entire process from start to finish. For example: 学语言的过程很困难 (the process of learning a language is very difficult). I hope my answer helps. Please let me know if it doesn't.
August 19, 2018
中 means during this projuct
February 26, 2019
这个句子里的 “ 在......中 ” 的意思是" during......",这是一个固定用法,所以不能省略“ 中 ”。
August 22, 2018
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