How to say "want to try to do" ? I wanted to say "I want to try to speak in Japanese". So I said to my gf (she is Japanese), "日本語で話そうとしたい" because I know that "to try to do" is said "(volitional verb) + とする". But she corrected me and said I must say "日本語で話したい". However, that sounds more like "I want to speak in Japanese" to me. The sentence "I want to speak Japanese" sounds like I want to speak Japanese correctly now or as a long-term goal. If I say "I want to try to speak in Japanese", it sounds like I want to do it now and it doesn't mind so much if I do mistakes. It's correct if I just say 日本語で話そうとする ? Or there is a better way to say that? Thanks.
Aug 21, 2018 3:39 PM
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Conclusion first: >It's correct if I just say 日本語で話そうとする ? No, it is not correct. It means another thing. OK: 日本語で話したい : want to speak in Japanese OK: 日本語で話してみたい: want to try to speak in Japanese OK: 日本語で話そうとする: have an intention to speak in Japanese (properly) and actually do it NG: 日本語で話そうとしたい   (Sounds like "want to have a will / intention to...". Symantically OK, but Semantically making little sense, or redundant, or a loop logic). ------------------------ OK:今度、日本に行きます。せっかく日本語を勉強したのだし、(少しは)日本語で話したいですね。 OK:今度、日本に行きます。せっかく日本語を勉強したのだし、(少しは)日本語で話してみたいですね。 NG:今度、日本に行きます。せっかく日本語を勉強したのだし、(少しは)日本語で話そうとしますね。 NG:今度、日本に行きます。せっかく日本語を勉強したのだし、(少しは)日本語で話そうとしたいですね。 OK:日本語で話そうとするのはいい。でも、ていねい語で話さないと。 I appreciate your intention and trial to speak in Japanese, however you should use "ていねい語" (* implying "you use too casual words") OK: 私、ほんとうは日本語なんて話したくないんです。でも、話そうとしてみるぐらいの、そういう態度は一応、見せておいたほうがいいですよね。 ------------------------ 話したい = 話し(連用形 of 話す) + たい(want) → want to speak 話してみたい(見たい)=話し + て(marker for completion, fix) + み(見:see)+たい(want) → speak and want to see (what happens) → want to try to speak. 話そうとする=話さ+む+と+する         =話さ(未然形of 話す)+む(particle to indicate "intention", "guess") +と (marker for cocentration point of the action) +する(do) →doing things concentrating on "intention to speak" *implying "trying to speak properly but cannot" ------------------------
August 21, 2018
Hi Jonatan, if you want to say "try to do something" in Japanese you can say "Verbてformてみたい" 日本語で話してみたい。 日本語で話そうとする means "I want to speak , I have the intention to speak"
August 21, 2018
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