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Franck Thery
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difference between "erlebnis" and "erfahrung" Hello guys, The question is in the title :) Thanks by advance, have a nice day !
22 Th08 2018 09:04
Answers · 2
Try to translate Erlebnis with "moment"and not with experience. "Ich hatte gestern ein tolles Erlebnis"- yesterday I had an awesome moment/something awesome happened to me. "Ich habe auf meiner Weltreise viel Erfahrungen gemacht,mit den neuen Kulturen, Essen usw" on my worldtrip I made a lot of experiences,with new cultures, food etc. "Ich habe viel Erfahrung mit Kindern" i have lots of experience with children. Whereas : Die Weltmeisterschaft in Russland war wirklich ein tolles Erlebnis (a special event,moment)
22 tháng 8 năm 2018
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