Meaning of Twitter and gaming slang words I'm having trouble figuring out what these terms on a form mean, I was able to get a few from context (like 지뢰 meaning a thing you don't like seeing), but a few are still confusing me. I see them at times on my KR timeline too, and can't understand what they're saying because of this, so I'd like to learn. In reference to what functions of Twitter you use (other terms being "mute" and "block"): 블언블, and 직멘만 X In reference to what you yourself do on Twitter (other terms being "RT," "follow," and "making conversation"): 연성, and 마음 In a similar context as the above, what is okay to use with you (other terms being RT, DM, mention, and above 마음): 팔로 I feel like this part has to do with the above, but I'm not sure: 해주시면 | 전부 다 / 맞는 분만 | 찾아가요 These terms are related to in-game activity - as such they might be specific to the game, so I'm sorry if it's difficult to translate. In reference to what you do in-game: 공대, 연대, 석상, and 스샷작 I feel this is an odd question;; So I'm sorry if it is.
Aug 23, 2018 8:35 PM
Answers · 3
블언블=블락언블락= block->unblock 직멘= 직접 멘션=Tag someone else's account when you're going to mention ex) @abcd1234 hey~ 연성= 2nd creation 마음= ♥ (on the right of RT) 팔로= follow 해주시면 | 전부 다 / 맞는 분만 | 찾아가요 is Incomplete sentence.. Maybe they only accept followers with similar tastes.
August 27, 2018
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