Is 욕심 meaning ambiguous? I've seen this word 욕심being translated as both GREED and AMBITION (even being passionate about something). ex. 욕심이 많아 가지고. online translation: I have a lot of greed. subtitles: I'm passionate about it. If somebody could give me some explaination I would highly appreciate it!
Aug 25, 2018 6:57 PM
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욕심 means "greed"(negative nuance) 욕망 means "desire, ambition"(neutral nuance) 야심,야망 mans "desire, ambition"(positive nuance) 욕심이 많아요. means "I'm very greedy" 욕망/야망이 많아요 means " I am very ambitious"
August 26, 2018
욕심 is related to greed, but not the same. We tend to use it in a much less negative sense. 욕심 is wanting too much of something, like a desire, strong wish, ambition, or aspiration, but not necessarily selfishly. It describes aggressively desiring something, and is not always negative in connotation like "greed". 욕심이 많아 가지고 (not 욕심히) alludes to having a strong desire to obtain or achieve something. It is closer to strong motivation or drive than greed. As another example, 일에 대한 욕심 means wanting to achieve too much in your work - usually a good quality. Here are some other words related to 욕심, greed, passion, etc. - 탐욕 = greed. - 욕망 = desire. - 욕구 = (bodily or physical) craving. - 열망 = passionate yearning; (mental) craving; desire. - 열정 = passion; fervor. (욕 = desire, craving, 심 = heart, mind, 탐 = indulgence, coveting, 망 = hope, desire, 구 = need, needy, 열 = heat, fervor, 정 = emotion, affection)
August 26, 2018
August 25, 2018
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