Mike Wang
Should read/be read? Your sentence should read as follows: Your sentence should be read as follows: I think they both make sense but with slightly different meanings/semantics. Am I right? It all depends on the context? I could use some helpful examples for both of them.
Aug 30, 2018 6:05 PM
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student: "the dog fat bite the postman" Teacher correction "your sentence should be read/ in this case written as 'the fat dog bite the postman'". After the student was asked to read out aloud the sentence "the fat dog bite the postman" and the student read out aloud to the class "the dog fat bite the postman" Student: "The fat dog. Bites the postman" sentences was "the fat dog bites the postman" teacher "your sentence should be read as 'the fat dog bites the postman' there is no period or full stop in the sentence" I think other people can give better examples.
August 30, 2018
Yes, they're different in terms of both grammar and meaning. 'Read' is what's known as an ergative verb, meaning that it has two forms: transitive and intransitive. Another example of an ergative verb is 'close'. For example, we can use 'close' as an intransitive verb in the sentence "The shop closes at 6 pm", or as a transitive verb in the sentence "We close the shop at 6pm". When we say "Your sentence should read as follows", we're using 'read' as an intransitive verb. It means "This is what the sentence should 'say' " or "This is what your sentence should look like". When we say "Your sentence should be read as follows", we're using 'read' as a transitive verb in the passive voice, meaning "This is how you should read your sentence". You'd say this if you are giving someone tips on pronunciation, or on delivering a speech or presentation.
August 30, 2018
sentence 1) Is for when you are correcting or criticising another persons sentence. sentence 2) is for when you are instructing/telling someone how to read/interpret a/the sentence.
August 30, 2018
You should read the sentence as follows = Active Voice The sentence/Your sentence should be read as follows = Passive Voice I washed my dog = Active V. The dog was washed = Passive V. You need to read this manuscript = Active V. This manuscript needs to be read = Passive V. Try to look at the topic "Passive Voice" and "Active Voice" in your grammar book to differentiate both sentences more clearly.
August 30, 2018
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