Difference... What is the difference amongst these verbs: ''shove'', ''toss'', ''throw'', ''cast'', ''haul'', launch''? I can't seem to know when I should use each properly in a sentence. Thanks in advance.
Aug 31, 2018 1:09 AM
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Shove has the same meaning as the word "push". Example: "I was in a rush, so I shoved people out of my way to get to the front of the line." Toss and throw are interchangeable. They have the same meaning. Toss is generally used if you want someone to throw an object towards you lightly. Example: "Toss me the basketball, I can make the shot!" Example: "That is a huge rock! Let's see how far we can throw it!" Cast is not used as frequently as others. It is generally used while fishing. It is this action: Example: When fishing, cast your line and wait for a fish to bite." Haul has the same meaning as pull. Often haul is used when pulling a heavy object. "After casting our fishing line, we hauled in a big fish." Launch is similar to throw and toss. It generally is used to indicate a powerful throw. It is also used to describe a rocket ship takeoff: Overall, toss, throw and launch can all be used to describe making an object in your hand fly through the air. Toss is softer and launch is harder. Cast is unique and is used to describe certain things that are thrown, like fishing nets or lines. And haul is a verb that is similar to pulling, but usually used when you are pulling something heavy. Hope this helps!
August 31, 2018
Shove = push ( in a sudden and rough manner, generally quickly ) Haul = pull ( something heavy and cumbersome, generally slowly) Toss = throw in a light and often careless manner Cast = only generally used for fishing nets and lines, or in certain fixed collocations such as 'cast light', 'cast doubt' or 'cast aspersions'. Not a synonym of 'throw' in other contexts. Launch = used of boats, ships and rockets. In business, used for products, services and campaigns. Again, not a synonym of 'throw' in other contexts. Here's some advice: when it comes to vocabulary like this, a translation dictionary is the worse friend that you can possibly have. There's no point in saying to yourself "All these words mean the same to me because they all translate as X in my language". Throw/chuck/hurl/fling your dictionary away! [ Just a few alternative words for you there ;) ] Advanced learners of English need to accept that the English language has a rich and varied vocabulary, and there will inevitably be many different ways of expressing similar ideas. Forget about what you think that these words 'mean'. Don't ask for 'explanations'. Instead, look at examples of real English. Google yourself some real sentences and find out what contexts and collocations these words are used in. Explanations such as the ones above have limited value - instead, you need to expose yourself to some real world language.
August 31, 2018
launch a boat - just get it going, no implication of power. launch a launch - wow, so cool :) Product launch. :) launch a weather balloon = let it go on its way. no push involved. . For me "launch" just means allow to depart, powered or not. Just wanted to launch that idea into the discussion of the great answers, below.
August 31, 2018
Shove: to push, usually in a forceful way. Toss: to throw lightly. Throw: more forceful. Cast: to lightly throw, usually used in fishing. Haul: pull ir throw an object or objects, they are usually heavy. Launch: forceful push, like a rocket launching. I hope this helps!
August 31, 2018
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