faire vs jouer Hi all, When talking about someone playing a sport, an instrument, or other type of hobby that you can "play", I was always taught in school to use jouer. More recently, as I watch more advanced videos, the teacher will use faire instead of jouer, and have heard that either is correct. Since I am learning to become as fluent as I can, is there one that is more used in everyday speech, or should I learn to listen for either verb in normal conversation? Also, If someone happens to play a sport or does some type of hobby for a living, would that change which verb you should use, or would faire and jouer be as equally interchangeable? Merci!
Sep 2, 2018 8:50 PM
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bonjour, je dirais qu'on entend les deux. Au premier abord, les deux formulations sont équivalentes. on dit "jouer au foot" et "faire du foot", "jouer du violon" et "faire du violon" par exemple. Je préfère utiliser "jouer". En effet, "faire" est un verbe "valise", c'est à dire qu'il est utilisé en remplacement de beaucoup de verbes. Hi, I would say we hear both. At first glance, both formulations are equivalent. for example, we say "jouer and foot" and "faire du foot", "jouer du violon" et "faire du violon" I prefer to use "jouer" (to play, not to game). Indeed, "faire" is a "valise" (suitcase) verb, that is to say that it is used in replacement of many verbs. You can give this verb quite any sense (signification) as you can put quite anything in a suitcase.
September 2, 2018
‘Jouer du/de la/de l'’ is for music instruments (jouer du piano, jouer de la batterie, jouer de l'orgue). ‘Faire du/de la/de l'' is for both instruments and sports, hobbies too and some activites (faire du piano, faire de la boxe, faire de la couture, faire du tourisme, faire de la télé, faire de la politique). The preposition ‘de’ is very important. If you substitue it with ‘à’ everything changes. ‘Jouer au/à la/à l'’ is possible but only for sports with a ball and games (jouer au foot, jouer au poker). It’s weird for other kind of sports (jouer à la boxe) or for instruments (jouer au piano). ‘Faire au/à la/à l'’ is no longer correct. If you use it with a sport noun that sport will be interpreted as a place or a period of time : ‘les exercices que je fais à la gym’ ‘the exercises I do at gym’.
September 2, 2018
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September 2, 2018
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