questions They watched until the car was out of sight, headed down the eastern slope. When it was gone, the three of them looked at each other for a silent, almost frightened moment. They were alone. Aspen leaves whirled and skittered in aimless packs across the lawn that was now neatly mowed and tended for no guest's eyes. There was no one to see the autumn leaves steal across the grass but the three of them. It gave Jack a curious shrinking feeling, as if his life force had dwindled to a mere spark while the hotel and the grounds bad suddenly doubled in size and become sinister, dwarfing them with sullen, inanimate power. Question 1: What’s the meaning of ‘for no guest’s eyes?’ Question 2: What is FOR no guest’s eyes? ( I mean, the neatly mowed and tended LAWN or the thing that aspen leaves whirled and skittered in aimless packs across the lawn ? ) Question 3: bad suddenly --- what’s the meaning of ‘bad?’Question 4: for a silent, almost frightened moment --- In this case, 'frightening moment' is better, I think. Because 'frightened,' which describes a feeling, and 'frightening,' which describes something that makes you feel frightened: a frightened child | a frightening experience. Right?
Sep 4, 2018 2:48 AM
Answers · 9
1.for no guest’s eyes 就是字面意思,如果你懂for guest’s eyes (为了别人赞赏的目光),加了no难道你就不懂了吗 2.不知道你所云 3 bad is used to mean 'badly' which many people think is incorrect though 4. 你已经回答你自己了,既然是内心感受,自然用frighten 比较好了。 5. 你所阅读的这本书可以用来泛读,没必要也不适合做精读,不要花时间放在无意义的钻研上
September 4, 2018
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