Hai mươi lăm or hai mươi nhăm? What is a better way to say, for example, 25 in Vietnamese: hai mươi lăm or hai mươi nhăm? Or does it depend on the dialect?
Sep 4, 2018 11:45 AM
Answers · 11
"hai mươi lăm" is the standard way to say the number. Northerners often say "hai mươi nhăm" as in some Northern provinces, people cannot pronounce the sound /l/
September 5, 2018
you should say " hai mươi năm" only the sound is different
September 6, 2018
Standard speaking doesn't matter,... as long as u know the original Vietnamese accent ... they will always understand u
October 5, 2019
Ho chi minh City: hai mươi lăm ( Saigonese accent) Other accent: hai mươi nhăm, hai mươi lem,hai mươi nhem,...
October 5, 2019
"Hai mươi lăm" is standard way and seems to be more modern way. "Hai mươi nhăm" is popularly spoken in the North of Vietnam in the past. Now it is used mostly by aged people whose origin is in the North.
September 14, 2018
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