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这个句子你们认为我明白了吗? ” 杨勇正准备要给媒婆发布招女婿的要求,他要替小女儿月娘物色一个不同一般的丈夫。” 1. 在那里 ”正” 的意思是 ”correctly, straight, in an orderly way 准备。我就可以用 ”好好准备” 来取代 ”正准备,是吗?2. 在那里 ”给” 的意思是 ”被”的,这句子的翻译就是 :杨勇 has well ”正” prepared the demands ”requirements 要求” for the 女婿 to be published by the 媒婆。he wants to find a husband of a different kind for his daughter. 是好吗?
Sep 6, 2018 8:53 PM
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It's the same use with your question: He is(was) going to talk a sentence. 他正准备说一句话。 他好好准备说一句话 is wrong use You can say in these ways: 那场考试很难,你要好好准备。 The test is difficult,You should PREPARE WELL. 我相信好好准备这场考试我就能通过 I believe I can pass the exam with GOOD PREPARATION. “是好吗”is not true,you shoule say:这样对吗?对吗?(means: is it right? right?) I'll see you tomorrow,ALL RIGHT? 我明天见你,好吗? Will you send my breakfast up, PLEASE? 请你把我的早饭送上来,好吗? Did you sleep WELL? 你睡得好吗? It often used in a polite way.
September 7, 2018
Yang Yong is preparing to give the matchmaker a request to recruit a son-in-law. He wants to find a different husband for the little daughter Yue Niang. ” 杨勇正准备要给媒婆发布招女婿的要求,他要替小女儿月娘物色一个不同一般的丈夫。” NOTE:我想您已经明白了这个句子9成(90%)
September 7, 2018
"正"在这里是指时间=“马上”、“开始”的意思。“给”在这里是“告诉”的意思。 我认为最后这句用英语是“he wants to find a sun-in -law of a different kind for his daughter. ”
September 7, 2018
正准备:is preparing to 给: to give
September 6, 2018
正 is the short for 正在 in your sentence.
September 7, 2018
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