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What is the gender-neutral word for ma'am or sir? When you try to get an attention of a stranger in public, people say ma'am or sir. Is there a gender-neutral word that can be used for both genders? I don't use these words instead I say 'Excuse me!'. Is there anything you can say back to people if I do not want to be called either of these words? When you are speaking directly to people, there is no need to use these words unless you are a store clerk trying to appear polite and professional when they don't feel like. They sound sarcastic because they don't act polite decides using these words.
7. Sept 2018 03:08
Answers · 4
The only gender neutral way to attract someones's attention that I can think of is 'hey, you'. Which really isn't very polite.
7. September 2018
In Australia, we've solved the problem: "mate". :D
7. September 2018
"Ma'am" and "sir" are a bit more formal than what you would normally expect to find in a typical setting when you are surrounded by strangers. Both of these words are usually used by people who are talking to someone who you want to know that you respect them (a boss, the parents of a girlfriend, your own parents, teachers/professors, etc). "Excuse me" is really one of the only ways to get someone's attention if you don't know their name and still want to be polite, after that it is really just a matter of making it clear who you are wanting to talk to with body language, such as making eye contact or gesturing to them to get their attention.
7. September 2018
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