What are difference between 见 and 看 and 看见? What are difference between 见 and 看 and 看见?

Please show me some examples.

Sep 8, 2018 12:03 PM
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见 = meet Example : 1) 可以见个面吗? --- Can we meet? 2) 再见 --- Goodbye (meet again) 3) 我今天和他见过面 --- I meet him today 看 or 看见 = look Example : 1) 你看到老师吗? --- Have you saw teacher? 2) 我没看见她 --- I didn't saw her 3) 看! 有猫 --- Look! It's a cat Hope this helps
September 8, 2018
见 seen. 我見到他 I have seen/met him 看 to see, to look, to watch. 我去看电影. I went to see a movie 看见 = saw, 我看見他. I saw him.
September 9, 2018
序号 词汇 繁体 拼音 英文翻译 词性 50 看 看 kan4 " to look at", verb 51 看见 看見 kan4jian4 "to see ", verb 看 means "to look at" or "to watch" 例如:看书 and 看电影 见 means "to see" or "to meet".见面 (to meet) 我要去见客户。有"会见,拜访"的意思 The difference between 看 and 看见,the latter usually means 'have seen/watched', which emphasizes the fact that sb saw sb/sth in the time before. 我看见一只鸟 I saw a bird. 我看到(or 看见)你在流泪I saw you are crying. 我在FB上看到一则新闻'I saw the news on FACEBOOK' 看不见 (cannot see) or 没看见 (did not see)
September 8, 2018
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