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Be in a food coma... Be in a cartoon coma I know the expression “be in a food coma” which means you had a such a great meal so that you ate a lot, and you feel full. I have this second one “cartoon coma”. I heard that in a series. Context: A little girl was watching cartoons, her mom was talking to her husband (girl’s dad) by phone, and then he wanted to talk to his daughter. She ignored the phone, so her mom said to her husband “Junita is in a cartoon coma”. I googled “cartoon coma” but I didn’t find almost anything. Anyway, I understand what it meant in the series, but my question is: are there more expression using “coma”? For instance, “I was in a series coma last night” Thanks in advance.
Sep 10, 2018 4:19 PM
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To be in a coma literally means to be unconscious. The body is alive but you don't know about anything. All these uses that you mention are metaphorical and I don't think there are only specific things that you can attach there but you can mention any reason that might cause this coma. :)
September 10, 2018
It means something like ‘transfixed by the TV’. Cartoons and Children’s TV in general are so good at getting and keeping a child’s attention that it can make them seem to forget anything else. This is what ‘cartoon coma’ describes, that kind of open-mouthed staring at the screen completely transfixed state. A friend of mine has two very energetic young girls, once when I was at his house they were running around all over the place, then one of their favourite shows came on and they literally just stopped where they were and stared at the screen. I’ve heard some parents call some kids TV shows in the UK ‘drugs for kids’, as they are so effective at quietening kids down.
September 10, 2018
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