念 and 想 what is the difference between these two characters ? Both means 'a thought' or 'to think' right ? Is there any particular reason to dissociate into two characters the concept of thinking ? Thanks in advance for your answer.
Sep 12, 2018 12:32 PM
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念can be either a noun or a verb. When its used as a noun, it shows up as a phrase l, like 念想( a thought,sometimes also a wish),一念之差。 e.g:周游世界是我的从小就有的念想。 Traveling around the world is my wish since i was a kid. 犯不犯罪,有时候只是一念之差。 committing crime or not, sometime it's just like a decision made in a moment of ill. When its used as a verb, means 1. miss somebody. 我开始想念他了。(with 想) 2.for...'s sake. 我念在你妈妈的份上,这次就原谅你了。 (念....的份上) 想:verb , to think . 念cant be replaced by 想 in the situations as I mentioned above. 想is more about to think about, to consider. e.g: 我想他应该快回来了。It's wrong to say:我念他快回来了。
September 12, 2018
除了共同点,还是有些区别的。 念有些 思念 想念的感觉。 而 想,范围就很大,如果单说想念,他们是一样的~ 初学者来说,不要分的那么详细,后续加深,可以再深入学习!
September 17, 2018
The salient difference between each other is that 想 is prone to be used as a verb, while 念 both verb and noun. As a verb, 念 is to miss <e.g.> We miss you very much. 我們老(/lao3/: always) 念着你. In the sentence, 念 and 想 are interchangeable, not to mention you can use 想念 in the context. But 想 carries meanings much more than to miss. You can think over a problem(想個問題), find a way out (想辦法), recall the past event (想過去), and even make a prediction (I don't think he'll be coming today, 我想他今天不會來).
September 13, 2018 如果需要繁體字轉簡體字,請到上面的網站 If you need to change to Simplified Chinese, please go to the above website 念〈名詞〉:想法;念頭 [idea;thought] 念這個字是由「今」+「心」:指現在now(當下at the moment)心裡的念頭 the thoughts of the present Think about how everything comes to pass.  心念(心意識)是一種心理活動,Mindfulness is a kind of psychological activity. 它實際上只是心念,一種思想,一種內心的活動,只存在於每個人的心理上。 It is actually just a mind, an idea, an inner activity, only exists in Everyone's psychologically. 例如:概念;觀念;信念;雜念;邪念 例如: “Mindful” of the poor road conditions, she reduced her speed to 30 mph. 她“一想到”awareness(她意識到)『當下(at the moment)心裡的念頭發現到』路況很差,她馬上將時速減到30英里。 想〈動詞〉 意思~~   1.是:動腦筋Brainstorming、思索thinking; 例如:感想。思想。想法。想象。 2.推測,認為:想必。想見(由推想而知道)。 to guess possible answers to a question when you do not have enough information to be certain 3. 希望,打算:休想。理想。 例如:你休想走出這個門。(你別想,別打算走出這個門)Don't think about getting out of this door.   4. 懷念,惦記:想念。朝思暮想。 例如:他是我朝思暮想的女孩。She is the one that I fancy! She is always on my mind.   5. 像:雲想衣裳,花想容。
September 12, 2018
想念 is something we would say. Both of 想 and 想念 mean exactly the same thing (miss). The 念 by itself doesn't make any sense to me. It should be followed with other word. I hope this helps!
September 12, 2018
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