One eye on the fish ... Can any Brazillian Portuguese speakers explain the idiom "one eye on the fish the other on the cat". I think I get the first part - kind of like in English when we say "Keep your eye on the prize" but where does the cat fit it? Does the cat represent a threat, a competitor, or something that might ruin my plans? Is the idiom from the perspective of a human or another cat? Does anyone have any good examples of situations when this could be used appropriately? Many thanks!
Sep 13, 2018 10:50 AM
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"One eye on the fish, the other on the cat,” (Um olho no peixe e outro no gato), is how the Brazilian say when they are aware of everything what could happen.
September 13, 2018
Complementando as respostas, aqui seguem alguns exemplos: 1- Em entrevista, o técnico afirmou estar feliz com o desempenho do time na competição, mas disse que é preciso manter-se com "um olho no peixe e outro no gato" (= apesar de o time estar liderando o campeonato ainda há jogos por vir, portanto é preciso estar atento aos concorrentes para não ser ultrapassado e perder o prêmio, no caso, o título de campeão) = In an interview, the coach said he was happy with the performance of the team in the competition, but said that it is necessary to keep "one eye on the fish and another on the cat" (= although the team is leading the championship there are still matches ahead so it is necessary to be careful about other competitors to don't lose the prize, in this case, the title of champion) 2- Para ser um empreendedor de sucesso é preciso estar sempre com "um olho no peixe e outro no gato" (= preocupar-se não apenas em atender às necessidades do cliente, mas também estar atento as ações dos concorrentes) = To be a successful entrepreneur you must always keep "one eye on the fish and another on the cat" (= to worry not only about meeting your clients needs but also pay attention in your of rivalry actions)
September 13, 2018
Tom. It's simple! Cat loves fish (eat fish), don't they? The expression "one eye on the fish the other on the cat" is used when we do two things at once. So it means that you have to pay attention to what are you doing (watching the fish and also the cat, in the same time) or the cat will eat the fish that you are cooking. Did you get it?
September 15, 2018
Imagine the following situation: someone is cooking a fish. If you neglect the fish, the cat will eat it. If you watch the cat, you can get hurt by preparing the fish. Keep one eye on the fish and the other on the cat. Another variation is: Um olho no gato e outro no queijo (one eye on the cat and the other on the cheese). This is from a mouse perspective. You can use these expressions in any situation where you want to describe that you need to be aware of everything
September 20, 2018
Tom, there is another on with the same meaning. "Um olho no padre e outro na missa" No mesmo sentido que o João explicou.
September 17, 2018
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