How can I write eye and hair colors is Japanese? like, light blue eyes, black hair etc
Sep 23, 2018 3:45 PM
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Hi! If you just want to state e.g. "blue eyes or black hair", then it's sufficient to only use an adjective "blue, black, etc." followed by a noun "eye, hair, etc." Example: "Blue "light blue" eyes": 青い目。--> adj. is 青い, and the noun is 目. "Black hair": 黒(い)髪。--> adj. is 黒い, and the noun is 髪. But if you want to express the state of having such features, then one basic pattern to use is: ( ⅹ は y が z です)where (X) is replaced a name, (Y) by eyes "目" or hair "髪", etc. and (Z) by adjectives "blue, black, etc." Examples: "Mr. Tanaka has blue eyes": 田中さんは目が青いです。 "Mr. Tanaka has black hair": 田中さんは髪が黒いです。 There are other patterns of course, but this is the basic way to express such statements. For multiple adjectives like "light blue", "dark black", etc. You can use compound adjectives but I don't think that's a common way to do so. Most colors in Japanese, even compound ones have names by themselves. Examples: "Light blue" --> 浅葱色 (Asagi-iro) "Dark blue" --> 紺 (Kon) And so many other variations.
September 24, 2018
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