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Edi Wang
I can't figure out which is more important in this sentence. The original texts is ' Achievement persistence, fortitude is more important than when failure. ——François de La Rochefoucauld' I can't figure out whether ' achievement persistence' or ' fortitude' is more important, actually, I think it's ' fortitude', but the translation says it's the former. So I am confused now, could any natives give me a hand?
Oct 9, 2018 11:26 PM
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The quote is confusing as stated. Perhaps, and this is only a guess, the quote should be something like: "Achievement, persistence and fortitude are still important, even in failure." If I am even close on this then it is akin to the saying that the journey is often more important than arriving at the destination. Again, the quote as stated doesn't make any sense so I have assumed that the saying has been stated incorrectly from the original.
October 16, 2018
Ok, I can see it now. Thank you very much.
October 10, 2018
The text is nonsense. Probably a mistake when copying the text. I did a quick check of maxims in French by La Rochefoucauld without finding a reasonable match.
October 10, 2018
Achievement persistence, fortitude is more important than when failure. ——François de La Rochefoucauld I checked again, it's all the copy here. Maybe the former person who quoted this phrase made a mistake.
October 10, 2018
Can you please check your quote, and ideally give a reference. It is not correct, so it's hard to know. As part of that checking, check the punctuation as well. There might be a missing comma.
October 10, 2018
Edi Wang
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