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Word order Can I say "Minu kodu on lähedal meri?" Or only "Minu kodu lähedal on meri?" Why?
Oct 19, 2018 5:49 AM
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Tere! If you look up any dictionary, it will likely tell you that lähedal is an adverb. 1. First, it is important to know that adverbs in Finnic languages may serve as postpositions. Genitive noun + Postposition. - This is very important. E.g. Istume mere ääres. (We sit by the sea.) ääres = beside, by post. meri = sea n. (gen. = mere) 2. Word order in Estonian is Subject - Verb - Object - Adverb of time - Adverb of place. The position of object may vary, depending on the context (Whether it is emphasized...). Minu kodu (subject) on (verb) mere lähedal (adverb of place). I am not native Estonian speaker, any correction from Estonians are welcomed.
October 19, 2018
You should say "Minu kodu lähedal on meri" which translates into '' There is a sea close to my home'' BUT you can also say "Minu kodu on lähedal merele" which translates into '' My home is close to the sea'' You have to conjugate the word ''meri'' millele su kodu lähedal on? merele. ( what is your home close to? to the sea. ) [Millele? Merele.]
October 19, 2018
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