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How to turn an Arabic verb into a noun? For example: If instead of saying أرسم, I want to say "drawing" as the subject of the sentence instead of the verb. Like "Drawing is a popular hobby." Another example: If instead of saying أدرس, I want to say "studying" as the subject of a sentence. Like "Studying is a hard thing to do." How do I do this with all Arabic verbs?
Oct 20, 2018 9:39 PM
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Right, so in Arabic we have verbs and nouns which are derived from the verbs.

To know what a noun is for a normal three letter verb, the best thing to do is either search a dictionary or ask an Arab.

This is because there are no strick rules for it so it's just something you need to know.

So the noun for أرسم is رَسْم

The noun for أدرس is دَرْس or دِرَاسَة

The noun for أشرب is شُرْب or شَرْب

The noun for أرجو is رَجَاء or رَجَاءَة or مَرْجَاءَة

Sometimes there's more than one.

These are called "Verbal Nouns".

Nouns which come from verbs.

So yeah, just ask or search in a dictionary. A nice dictionary is Almaany.

"Studying Arabic is hard" you can say

دَرْسُ العَرَبِيَّةِ صَعْبٌ

October 21, 2018
Hi, according to the number of lettres we built the subject, for exemple for the verbs of three lettres we have, أرسم draw arssomo =>رسما or رسم => rassman or drawing rassm أضرب strike addribo=>ضرباorضرب => darban or darb striking شربdrink chariba => شربا or شرب => chorban or chorb drinking I hope that was helpful If you need more explanatoin don't hesitate to contact me.
October 20, 2018
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