Quando te dá jeito .. (tomar um café)? I have the feeling this means like 'cuando te conviene' or 'when does is suit you'? But I can't find anything to confiem my feeling.. haha
Oct 21, 2018 7:13 PM
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Hello, Ilka. For sure, native speakers can respond more in detail, but as a Portuguese learner like you, I got curious and did a quick research by looking up the word "jeito" in the dictionary Priberam. It defines the phrase "dar jeito" as follows: - Ser conveniente ou útil (ex.: não me dá jeito passar lá hoje). So, as you said, it means something like "Whenever it is convenient for you".
October 21, 2018
Hi, Ilka. At least in Brazil "Quando te dá jeito" is not the way how we Brazilians say it. Of course the words are Portuguese ones but that structure sounds strange. It should be in PT_EU I guess. If you want to know, here in Brazil usually we say: "Quando você puder vamos tomar um café" or in reverse order "Vamos tomar um café quando você puder". More often we say: "Vamos tomar um café qualquer dia, ok?" or just "Me avisa quando nós podemos tomar um café".
October 21, 2018
Well, I'm not sure if you want a Portuguese or Brazilian explanation. However, that is it: "jeito" is the way of being, of acting; some skill; appearance and many others meanings. But in this case, at least in Brazil, when you say "quando te dá jeito" you're meaning: when you finally decide or be able to do it, when you have a solution to your problem and now you are free to do whatever you want to. So, yes, you are right about that feeling. It could mean when it is convenient.
October 21, 2018
Olá, em português você vai usar a seguinte frase para convidar alguém para tomar um café ( invite for a coffe drink): "Quando você pode sair para tomar um café ?"
January 11, 2019
As a native speaker it sounded like "when you find the time", "when you're available". But honesty, I'm not sure very familiar with this expression. It might be a regional or particular way of speaking. Hope it helped a little bit ☺️
October 22, 2018
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