What does ''out of space'' mean? I was reading the story behind the song that I often listen these days, the song is "Marry me" by Thomas Rhett. In the story, I have a part I don't understand. ''The song was written out of this space..." Here is a paragraph that included in the sentence I don't understand. "We wrote that song from a place that could have been my life. Everybody has those moments in life where they can either go left or go right, and if you go left, you'll never know what could have been in the other direction. That's where I was at a certain point with my now-wife, Lauren. The song was written out of this space where I knew that if I had never told Lauren how I felt about her, I probably have been invited to her wedding and would have watched her marry somebody else. I probably wouldn't have been quite as sad as the guy in the music video for the song, but it would definitely still have wrecked me." It might not be enough information, but I would appreciate if you help me. Thanks :)
Oct 25, 2018 4:05 PM
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It means the song was written "out of that experience, at that time with his wife". we often use the expression "I'm in a bad space right now" = I am not feeling good, happy, fulfilled etc" -.>"I am feeling miserable, dejected, sad ,lonely, depressed these sorts of feelings.
October 25, 2018
There are two parts to this: 'out of' and 'space'. Especially in contemporary American English, 'out of' is often used to mean 'in', for example "I work out of Atlanta" means I work in Atlanta; if I am writing out of a particular space, it means I am in that space while I am writing. 'Space' has many meanings, one of which is 'place', for example "I need a space to work" means I need a place to work. Here, the context clearly shows that the word is being used to mean a state of mind, and/or a situation. In other words, in describing the space he was writing out of, Thomas was describing the state of mind he was in when it wrote it.
October 25, 2018
October 25, 2018
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