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装模作样的发音是什么? 装模作样的‘模’是怎么发音的?mó还是mú? 根据词典是mú 可是我的输入软件只认识'zhuāngmózuòyàng'. 有口语正式差异? 可以告诉我你的中文原来是哪里来的? 比如 北京,四川,台湾等等 我对中文地方口音很有兴趣。 谢谢大家的意见和帮助!
Oct 27, 2018 10:00 PM
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when 模 pronounced as mó it means means "to imitate", "to model after". when pronounced as mú it means "pattern", "mould" (noun), "matrix" 装 can mean "to fill", "to fit". At the same time, it can also mean "to fake", "to pretend". Hence it is a verb and 模 must be a noun. Therefore the correct pronunciation is mú. English words such as, "record", "produce" pronounces differently when it is a verb or a noun. English goes a further step, "polish" and "Polish" are pronounced differently and have different meaning. When too many wrong stuff comes into general use, they become correct. Some of my pet peeves are that "the reason why...", "cannot" vs "can not".
October 29, 2018
1.生活中我个人习惯读成 装mo2作样,哈哈 但正确发音应该是mu2,不过读快了其实也听不清 是mo2还是mu2 - 两个读音非常接近 2.可以告诉我你的中文原来是哪里来的? 纠正: 可以告诉我你们的口音、地方音 是哪里的吗? / 可以告诉我你们都说哪里话吗? 3.英语的originally在中文里不能翻译出来,包括where are you originally from? 中文你可以说 你的老家是哪的? 你是哪里人?就可以了
October 28, 2018
Haha, i appreciate the help in answering tho!
November 1, 2018
Hi Sam, Nice to meet you! It should be "zhuāng mú zuò yàng",(correct) but in life people also call it as "zhuānɡ mó zuò yànɡ " in oral. Like“ shuí ”and "shei2", “zhe4 and zhei"。 Because:mu2: means a person's appearance. But "mo" has no this meaning. Hope that's helpful.
October 29, 2018
pronounce mu
October 28, 2018
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