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帮你带咖啡是一个意思吗? In English if you say 'help someone bring/carry the coffee' it means that you are with them when they are buying/picking up the coffee and then you physically help them carry it. I have a few questions! 1) 帮你带咖啡 does this always mean to go and fetch someone a coffee while they sit and wait? or can it also mean they come with you and help you carry it like in English? 2)帮你带咖啡来 Is this a correct sentence? Does it have the same meaning as above? 3) How would you say to help someone to fetch a coffee in Chinese (to go with them and help them carry it)?
Oct 31, 2018 12:30 AM
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Hi,Sam! It seems this sentence makes you so confused!!!! Don't worry ,here is the explaining: "帮你带咖啡"mostly means you are sit here (inside),and I will help you bring some 咖啡 from outside or other place. Eg 1.:我这周去美国出差,我帮你带咖啡。(I will bring coffee from America as a present for you . 2.我去超市买东西,要不要我帮你带咖啡? (I will go to supermarket ,would you like some coffee?) "帮你带咖啡来" mostly emphasis “I will bring or carry coffee to you later (cause I will return to here) almost equal to "帮你带咖啡”。 Eg:1.:我这周去美国出差,我帮你带咖啡回来。 2.你坐在这里不要动,我去帮你带杯咖啡来。(go to the bar counter help you with a cup of coffee) 3.我好累,不想动,你可以帮我从超市带瓶啤酒吗? “带”here mostly means : bring something from outside or other place to here . "help me carry" we'd like to say: 帮我拿一杯咖啡 Hope that’s helpful for you!
October 31, 2018
November 1, 2018
1. In your situation, when the person is with you, it would be, 你可以拿着这些咖嗎? Here, the situation will resolve to mean, "can you carry these coffee" instead of "holding them for me". 帶 = bring 帶回 = 拿回 = bring back. 2. is correct but not same in meaning. You are not coming back. That person is bringing it back. 3. 我可以邦你帶回...
October 31, 2018
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