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Using 又 with a 把 construction So, I'm doing Chinese at uni and we recently learned 又 can be used to indicate a degree of simultaneous action (又喝茶又吃飯). I'm probably trying to cram too much grammar into one sentence but for the sake of practice can I use this particle along with 把? For example to say 'In fact, I'm doing this homework (right now) as I'm talking to my friend', would this be correct? ‘其實我又跟朋友說話又把這門功課做’
Nov 1, 2018 1:19 PM
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你好!Ethan , 又....又,in this case means:both。。。and。。。,we never use with "把”to say a sentence. When you want to express "while"we'd like to say: 一边。。。一边。。。,can not use with "把” Eg:我一边和朋友说话,一边写作业/做功课。 Hope that's helpful for you! Thanks~
November 2, 2018
事實上,我在做功課的同時又在跟朋友說話。 (中文生活對話中,同時用兩個又的情況很少)
November 1, 2018
Here's my translation of your sentence: "In fact, I'm doing this homework (right now) as I'm talking to my friend." 其实,我现在就是在一边做这个作业/做功课,一边和朋友聊天。 Here is using 把 together with 又...又... 我现在可忙着呢,又要照顾我的妹妹,又要把这作业/功课给做了(完成这个作业)。 This is not the most natural way of saying it. Avoid it if you have to. Here is the typically usage of 又...又... 1. 弟弟又哭又闹。 2. 他(长得)又高又帅。
November 1, 2018
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