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How would you interpret this sentence? How would you interpret the fourth sentence, ‘Something felt very small and tight inside the girl’, of the last passage? Thank you. The excerpt is taken from the short story ‘Cat in the Rain’ written by Ernest Hemingway.The excerpt: With the maid holding the umbrella over her, she walked along the gravel path until she was under their window. The table was there, washed bright green in the rain, but the cat was gone. She was suddenly disappointed. The maid looked up at her. “Ha perduto qualche cosa, Signera?” “There was a cat,” said the American girl. “A cat?” “Si, il gatto.” “A cat?” the maid laughed. “A cat in the rain?” “Yes,” she said, “under the table.” Then, “Oh, I wanted it so much. I wanted a kitty.” When she talked English the maid’s face tightened. “Come, Signora,” she said. “We must get back inside. You will be wet.” “I suppose so,” said the American girl. They went back along the gravel path and passed in the door. The maid stayed outside to close the umbrella. As the American girl passed the office, the padrone bowed from his desk. Something felt very small and tight inside the girl. The padrone made her feel very small and at the same time really important. She had a momentary feeling of being of supreme importance. She went on up the stairs. She opened the door of the room. George was on the bed, reading.
Nov 5, 2018 8:10 AM
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Hmmm....difficult..."something" (the author doesn't tell us what exactly) makes it seem to her that some part of the inside of her body seems constricted...maybe she feels nervous and her stomach is therefore 'tight'? What do you think? How do you interpret it?
November 5, 2018
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