How to use "This, that these, those" to stress who or what you are talking about? I can use this/that/these/those noun when I want to stress who or what I am talking about. When I use them, they imply that there are other things of the same type being discussed, so that these need to be singled out from among the others. For example when I am talking about more festivals or more friends, I may have to specify which one am I talking about: that festival, that friend. 1 A: I go to festivals regularly. In fact, I was on a festival last night. B: Was that festival fun? (However, I can use "was it fun?" just as correctly.) 2 A: I bred some dogs. One of them bit me last night. B: Is that (dog) a pit bull? (However, I can use "is it a pit bull?" just as correctly.) 3 A: The cellphones at my house are the same these cellphones. B: Do those cellphones work well? (However, I can use "Do they work well?" just as correctly.) Am I correct? Thanks!
Nov 7, 2018 9:12 AM
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Hello Tâm Yes, I think that you have definitely got the right idea about this/that/these/those. You have used 'that' and 'those' correctly to refer back to the things which the other speaker has previously mentioned. There are many proficient speakers of English from Western countries ( with native languages much more similar to English than yours is) who fail to understand this and often make mistakes. So 'good on you' for getting that right! But as you also point out, it would actually be more natural to say 'it' or 'they' in these cases. Repeating the noun is unnecessary. Just two small corrections: The first sentence should be 'I was at a festival' ( not 'on') and the third one should be '..the same cellphones as...'. Otherwise, well done! I can see that you're working hard and making progress.
November 7, 2018
good job
November 7, 2018
I went to a restaurant. Was it good? (not 'that') I saw a dog. Did it bite you? (not 'that') These jeans are like mine. Are they good? (not 'those'/'those jeans') Those guys are my friends. Are they students (not 'those people') :)
November 7, 2018
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