What does "No tender prey" mean? I was reading an academic paper and find that words in titles. However, I couldn't understand what those words are meaning. Could you tell me the mean "No tender prey"?
Nov 11, 2018 12:26 PM
Answers · 3
The full context is needed. In order to give a complete answer. It may be similar to "easy prey" or "no easy prey" 1."easy prey" = somebody that is easy to deceive, prone to being taken advantage of. 1a. "easy prey" = an animal or creature that is easy to catch. 2. "no easy prey" = somebody who is hard to take advantage of, or refuse to be taken advantage of. "no tender prey" = I am guessing may be referring to a person who is not like a young person easy to take advantage of ?
November 11, 2018
Send your full context please.
November 11, 2018
Hi, "no tender prey" would need to be taken in context first of all, No easy/good prey. prey refers to an animal being hunted. hope this helps. Douglas
November 11, 2018
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