How to ask children to read out loud in turns in Japanese? I have to ask my students to read out loud a text in class taking turns. I would like to say something like "Please, read each of you one paragraph out loud". Thank you very much for your help ^^
Nov 11, 2018 3:29 PM
Answers · 2
"Please, read each of you one paragraph out loud" would be: 「一人ずつ順番に、一段落ずつ音読してください」 (ひとりずつ じゅんばんに いちだんらくずつ おんどくしてください) However I would give shorter instructions to children. 「それでは、一人ずつ順番に音読してください。」 「一段落読んだら、交代です」(いちだんらく よんだら、こうたいです) 音読(おんどく)means "to read out loud". 順番に, "in turns" Does that help?
November 11, 2018
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