Plural and singular I still do not understand the grammar rules of plural and singular well…..;( Could someone kindly explain it to me? For instance, which is the correct one in the following sentences? This type of article This types of article This type of articles Thank you very much for your help and I really appreciate it every time someone take time for me to answer. * If you are learning Japanese, I am happy to help you.
Nov 13, 2018 3:31 AM
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Example: Singular ... This Type of Article Plural ... A) This Type of Articles - simply meaning that there are numerous articles that you are referring to and you are specifying a single detail that is the same between them all. B) These Types of Articles - This could imply that there are numerous articles that you are referring to and you are specifying 2 or more details that are common with all of the articles ... however each article may have other details that they don't share with the others. So you're simply implying a greater range of types between all articles. This = Singular reference, but also used in context where multiple objects are implied. These = Plural (more than one object or detail) I here a lot around my area commonly using the term "these types of" instead of "these type of" So it could also be just English slang perhaps? Mind you I am not an English Teacher ;) Nor am I an expert! But I believe I was on target with how I explained it. I hope. Quite simply, you don't see or hear the words "This Types" together. Usually in common conversation it is "This Type" or These Types"
November 13, 2018
Singular - this/this type of + singular noun this dog/this type of dog this food/this type of food Plural - 'this' changes to 'these' and type becomes 'types'. The noun is pluralised. these types of dogs these types of food If you are talking about specific nouns (as opposed to types of..) then these dogs/these foods etc. I sympathise - it is much easier in Japanese - このような物、ね。
November 13, 2018
If you are saying there is only one article then you would say : This type of article . But if you were to be referring to multiple or more than one article you would say : These type of articles. You would say "These" because "these" is inferring that there is more than one but if you refer to something as "this" than it is one or singular.
November 13, 2018
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